Passionate Lawyer, Faithful Catholic

I was born in Salida, Colorado, but grew up in Bloomington, California. I went to Bloomington High School and excelled in Theatre Arts and Mock Trial. While in high school I felt a deep call from God to help other people, which I ultimately interpreted as a call to the priesthood.  After high school, I attended the California State University of San Bernardino where I studied Philosophy. During my early years at CSUSB, I was the Director of Youth Ministry at St. Paul the Apostle, in Chino Hills, California. In 2005, I left St. Paul to join the seminary for the Diocese of San Bernardino to begin my formal training as a Catholic priest.

For two years I discerned God’s will for me at the Junipero Serra House of Formation. During my second year at the “Serra House,” it was becoming increasingly clear that God wanted something for me other than to become a priest. So, I left the Serra House. Not more than one week later, I received a letter from the Dean of the University of St. Thomas School of Law offering to fly me to Minnesota to visit their law school. “This cannot be a mere coincidence,” I thought. So, I got on a plane that would end up re-routing the entire course of my life. I landed in Minnesota in April 2007, and never looked back.

For three years I studied law at the University of St. Thomas. My time there was a combination of life-changing, exciting, frustrating, and eye-opening. I came to understand the practice of law not as a mere job, but as a vocation, a unique calling from God ordered to the assistance and betterment of my fellow neighbor.

When I graduated in May 2010, I was appointed as an expert for the Vatican at the United Nations. My official title was “Expert for the Holy See’s Mission to the United Nations.” The “Holy See” is the official name of the Vatican State, I just use the word “Vatican” here because it is the word, with which most people are familiar. As an Expert for the Vatican, I attended the sessions and committee meetings of the General Assembly, and when necessary made interventions on behalf of the Vatican to communicate its positions (usually regarding the dignity of the human person) on various proposed resolutions.

I moved back to California in 2011 and have been practicing law here ever since.

Current Legal Work

I am the founder and owner of “Regnum Legacy” a California estate and business planning law firm.

After numerous years working as a litigator (meaning I sued people and defended people who had been sued), I decided to transition my career after seeing the great need for estate and business planning services in California.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than knowing that I saved a family thousands of dollars, helped them create a plan that works, helped keep their property and children out of government custody, and gave them peace of mind.

Equally satisfying is knowing that the contracts I am drafting for businesses are helping them build a legacy and also protecting them from lawsuits, and other pitfalls in an often confusing and complicated legal landscape.

My Practice Areas

  • Trusts/Estate Planning – 55%
  • Asset Protection – 30%
  • Business Law – 45%
  • Probate – 35%
  • Contract Law – 30%

What is Regnum Legal?

“Regnum” means “Kingdom” in Latin. There is a Latin phrase I am especially fond of, Adveniat Regnum Tuum, which means “Your Kingdom Come.” I strive every day, in service of my clients, my family, and my church to bring about God’s Kingdom here on earth.

I created Regnum Legal as part of my ongoing effort to engage families, inform them about relevant legal, provide relevant and helpful guides, and to be a resource for clients and the legal community to provide simple answers to complex legal questions.

I will always have a servant’s heart

My first passion is making sure families are protected from both an unexpected death and from the State stepping in and making the decision for the family. My second passion is not merely writing a family’s plan, but doing so in a manner and using the tools required to effectively protect and serve that family for generations.

I started Regnum Legal’s free estate planning forms as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many clients and former clients have called me concerned about their estate planning goals in light of the threat posed by COVID-19. Aware that not everyone can afford my services, I decided to provide simple templates for people who may be struggling so that they too can protect their family and estate.

Licensed to Practice In . . .

State of California

United States Federal District Court, Central District of California

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit


BA, Philosophy – 2007: California State University

JD, 2010 – University of St. Thomas School of Law